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Relax! I'm Cosy 

 Woolbabe Sleeping Bags & Sleep Suits are all about top-quality, soft natural fabrics. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is safe and comfortable, with a breathable merino sleeping bag and no loose bedding. Babies and toddlers adore Woolbabe sleeping bags, and find it much easier to settle quickly and sleep all night.

100% Natural Fabrics; More Sleep For Everyone  

Woolbabe baby and toddler sleeping bags and sleep suits are made from premium 100% natural fabrics. They feature plush Australian Merino wool filling, an organic cotton lining and our unique merino/cotton jersey fabric blended just for woolbabe. 

Woolbabe are specialists in the finest natural-fibre baby and toddler sleeping wear. Your child deserves beautiful, natural sleepwear, and you deserve a decent night's sleep!

Unique Features

  1. 100% natural fabrics that help regulate temperature all night.

  2. Practical designs - easy to use for parents.

  3. Duvet bags are quilted with wool (not the usual cotton or polyester), which means they are warm AND breathable.

  4. Travel vent for easy transfer from buggy or car seat to cot.

  5. Suits a range of different room temperatures and can be used all year round.

  6. Front zip! A bag with a front zip is much easier to use. Simply pop your baby in and zip downwards (zips end at the bottom). Bags with front zips are the most robust for wriggly babies or toddlers who may be able to pop open the shoulder domes on a side zip bag. The travel slot in the front-zip bag is only in the back, which means that little feet are unlikely to go through the slot which can happen with a side-zip bag.

Clothing Guideline

Please refer to the chart below as a temperature and clothing guide for your baby’s comfort when using Woolbabe sleeping bags.

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Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.28.49.png

Sleeping Bag Size Guide

Please refer to the chart below as a size guide for your baby’s sleeping bag. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 19.58.39.png

Sleep Suit Size Guide

Please refer to the chart below as a size guide for your baby’s sleep suit. The video below discusses the size and fit of the duvet sleep suits (note that sizing is the same for the 3 seasons sleep suits). 

size chart woolbabe sleeping suit.png
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