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Our Story

G'day! Thanks for visiting Little Roo (Aussie slang for Kangraoo). We hope you love the products we stock at Little Roo as much as we do. We put a lot of thought into the items we stock, and have personally had great results with each and every one of them. 

I'm from Melbourne, Australia​, and my husband is Swiss. We met in 2012 while on a university exchange program for law students. Since then, we've lived together in Melbourne and Zürich and travelled countless times back-and-forth in between (with our little one, too)! 

After our little one's birth, I found myself turning to popular Australian and New Zealand products to help get us through our days (and nights!). There was nothing like these products here in Switzerland, and lots of people expressed interest along the way. 

It didn't take long before coming up with the idea of sharing these products with you... and so, here is Little Roo, to make your days easier and your nights sleepier. ​Each item has been carefully chosen in line with our values of safety, simplicity and satisfaction.

Wishing you lots of sleep and happy days xx

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