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A Breathable Solution to Blocking Out Light, Sun and Distractions 

Blocking light, sun, wind and distractions, CoziGo has got you covered (literally!) CoziGo is a universal fit for strollers and airline bassinets. 

Sleep Cover

CoziGo helps solve sleep issues by removing distractions and blocking 97% of light. It’s been proven time and time again that with CoziGo, babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer leaving you to enjoy getting out and about. CoziGo has been designed for full comfort and protection from all elements.

Airplane Bassinet Cover

CoziGo easily fits over Airplane Bassinets. It blocks light, that cold air-conditioning breeze, movement and stimulation, helping baby to sleep without constant distraction and preventing in-flight melt downs. CoziGo also reduces your baby’s exposure to in-flight germs.

Stroller Sun Shade and Wind Cover

With a UVP 50+ rating, CoziGo blocks out 97.5% of the sun's harmful UV rays. It is made with fully breathable, air permeable fabric and a unique dome shape, which provides cross flow ventilation and kick space. There is no need to drape blankets over the stroller, which can be dangerous and heat up quickly. 

Easy to Use

Just pop, clip and you are ready to go in seconds. The pop up frame means it's instantly ready to go and a simple twist and fold mechanism sees it back in its handy travel bag in seconds. The universal sliding clips design means you can quickly attach and remove CoziGo to strollers, prams and bassinets without having to battle Velcro loops, making it the ultimate every day accessory for active parents. It's also lightweight and compact! (1.3lbs/600g). 

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